You will, by now have seen Hillary Clinton making noises like apro-lifer.
I labeled it a cynical attempt at getting up and marching in front of the parade that was about to mash her into the MacAdam.  The American Princess goes farther than that, saying, in part: You Know What, Hillary? Let’s Go.

“If you really mean what you say, Senator, we need to get cracking. I’m thinking that we need to introduce a bill that would provide federal funding for crisis pregnancy centers and private organizations that provide good alternatives to women in need. Ideally, the bill would also provide funding to public and private universities who create programs that assist single mothers to get an education by providing child care and tuition credits. The bill would promote faith-based abstinence education, or at least a faith-based option and response to modern sex ed. We could form a bi-partisan commission to end partial-birth abortion. We could change the world, Hillary.”

Personally, I might not even trust her when I see her calling for the nomination of… and voting to approve… pro-life judges to the USSC.