Roger L. Simon notes, regarding the Rathergate report:

“The lie that concerns me is the one that might actually have some public effect–that there was no proof that the National Guard documents were forgeries. It’s amazing Thornburgh and Boccardi could assert this with a straight face, considering their own expert–the only one they cite in their own appendix–says the exact opposite, just as every other reputable typography expert does without any of them being contradicted except in the most inept manner.”

Well, just about everyone who’s said anything about this with any credibility has now discredited this report as not going far enough, and/or inoring it’s own evidence to protect Rather and CBS.

So at what point does Sumner Redstone… who owns viacom…  who in turn owns CBS… take a hand in this and clean house?

I doubt he will. You see, Sumner redstone while he did make a rather large show of his support for President Bush in this last election, is still on a long term record of being a supporter of far left causes.. with his money.

Which kinda makes us mindful of who paid for this internal whitewash investigation, doesn’t it?