Ann Coulter, today…takes up the point I made the other day about writing checks being the only part of disaster recovery that the left understands… but of course that is not the whole story.

“The U.S. did not merely write a check to help the oppressed people of Afghanistan and Iraq: The U.S. did most of the fighting and liberating as well as a significant share of the dying. Where’s Michael Moore with that up-to-the-minute body count of U.S. soldiers when you need him?”

At a minimum, in order to discount the largesse of the United States, one must carefully exclude gigantic categories of aid, such as military aid, food aid, trade policies, refugee policies, religious aid, private charities and individual giving.

Bingo, Ann.
To bad the world-wide left hasn’t figured that one out yet.
Nor, the UN… But I repeat myself.

What can you expect, after all, from a group of people whose first response to anything is simply to throw tax money at a problem, rather then get in there and get your hands dirty?