I can’t complan about the way the readership of this blog is going. I’ev been rather pleased by it all. And yet, I look at some of the big guns, and have begun to notice a few trends about what it is that makes a first circle blogger, a first circle blogger, in terms of readership. Apparently, it helps if you’re from the area surrounding the great Liberal Panacea of Madison Wisconsin, for some reason. I’ve no idea why. But,Hugh Hewitt Captain’s Quarters,Fraters Libertas,Lileks,Power Line,Shot In The Dark, and Ann Althouseare all from there. Or perhaps, as a substitute, Tennesee, where Reynolds and Hobbs hail from. Gotta be something to do with the Midwestern way of thinking that attracts people. Hmmm. Wonder if I can fine another job in Tennesee?

*However you cut it, you find that the group of people who are loudest , both domesticaly and internationaly, who are making idiots out of themselves over the amount of up-front money being given the UN for aid, are those still TBAR’ed (Teed off Beyond All Reason) over George W Bush’s re-election. It makes you wonder if all this complaining isn’t just political posturing at the expense of those suffering.

* Of course, the same is true of those trying to play the Socialist security card, saying that benefits to Seniors will be cut if W gets his way. That’s not even on the table, yet, gang, and I doubt it will be. So why these tactics, huh? Same reason as with the Tsunami Aid…. political posturing

* I see a lot of ruffled feathers over Turkeys that were supposed to go to the poor, apparently ending up in the hands of the political freinds of John Conyers. Reynolds has that story, and so do CQ and OTB.

I wonder if Conyers is on record as saying we weren’t given enough to the Charity effort that is the Tsunami victims?