Good to see Improved Clinch back up and running on new (Spam proof?) software.

** Landed a laptop recently, and have been spending a great deal of time geting it working right. It’s not a new one; I managed to find a whole bunch of IBM 760’s used… and cobbled together an “uber’ 760 out of the parts. Frankly, the IBM is the only laptop I’ve ever wanted to use; the keyboards are great.  It’s limited on RAM and drive space, but will help me when I’m in a writing mood in the truck.

** I’ve pretty much resigned myself to losing around 40lbs, and so have resigned myself also to bunny food. This is (Pardon the pun) no small matter for someone who likes to cook. I’ll keep you posted.

** Blog hit numbers continue to rise. I’m now only marginally behind where I was last summer.  I’m noticing a larger number of visits than usual from people coming in from the search engines.  Some tracing has shown that my positioning in about every engine i’ve sampled, is improved rather nicely of late, for reasons I don’t understand.  I’m still toying with hte idea of going for a domain of my own, because of this increased traffic. One thing that bothers me, though is the idea that if/when I move, I lose the seach engine positions.  Another more pressing matter for the shorter term is space.  I’ve no idea how large the blog is… It’s be up two years as of this June and I’d hate to have to drop a lot of the earlier stuff due to space restrictions… the earlier work seems to be getting around 15-20% of my engine hits of late.