• Joe Biden yesterday made an interesting comment:

    “I spent a little time in Europe recently, and I have one simple message: Get over it. Get over it. President Bush is our president for the next four years, so get over it and start to act in your interest, Europe.”

    Three things occur to me;
    1) This is a strange comment for a Democrat to be making publicly.
    2) That given the worshiping of the EU that the Democrats are doing the last few years, his comments could have as easily been directed at the Democrats.
    3) That had that been done, Barbara Boxer would have been something less of an idiot at the Rice confirmation hearings.

  • It appears that like Boxer, the press is trying it’s best to take it’s pound of flesh from the Bush administration… and lying to do it. I didn’t run that story the press coughed up the other day about how there was a U.S. Marine that killed a cop supposedly because he didn’t want to go back to Iraq, because the story smelled.. bad. I suspected somehting about the story was crap. Turns out I was right. The story WAS garbage. Michele Malkin explains.
  • Personally, tommorow will be a day of celebration for me. I consider the defeat of John Kerry’s presidential bid to be the averting of a large disaster for the United States and the world.
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