Sharp as a Marble without knowing it, expands the saga of the monster burger at Hardee’s that’s been so much the rage. Apparently, there’s a bigger burger out there.

How much bigger? Where?

The burger is 6 lbs.
The toppings make up another 5 lbs.
I’ll pause and let you digest this before continuing.

Ready? Good.

The burger has been offered for years at Denny’s Beer Barrel Pub, in Clearfield, PA.
(Nice town, by the way) The bar has offered the following challange for years; Eat this monster in under three hours, using no utensils.

The only person ever to have done it, is a 19 year old, 100- lb coed from Jersey.

Looks like AP ran with the story, too.

I can’t wait to see the screaming of the usual suspects over this one.

Update: WhizBang has the story… and pics, too. I like the look of these pics.

(No, sweetheart, I’m drooling over he burger, honest.)