Good for you, Michelle Malkin Just don’t expect me to be turning handsprings over it.

To make some of the assertions you are making is to aver that Armstrong Williams would not have taken the positions he took on NCLB… a point we know to be untrue, given that he was among the most vocal supporters of NCLB, even before the Education Dept coughed up some money.

Forgive me, Michele, I love ya, but forgive me please… How long have Democats had financial support?  After decades of payoffs in the form of “nod and a wink” to ‘News’ people who support liberals, and a government that went well out of it’s way to “protect us” from Fox news, and other people on the other networks who dared to move out of the government-demanded liberal lockstep, I find it very hard to work up any outrage for this situation.

There are far larger issues to be dealt with than Williams, and the left knows it, which is why they’re spending so much bile on this issue, instead. It’s called ‘distraction’. 

As to the amount of vile crap you’re getting from the leftists, I’ve got news for you, dear… it goes with the territory.. a point you’ve known all along. And you also know such crap doesn’t NEED a reason for the leftists to spread it.