I’ve changed my picture in the upper right profile corner to something about 14 years more recent. Wish I could say it looked better. Ah, well… that’s why I did good in radio…. As I used to tell my listeners, I’ve got a face made for radio.

New blogs in Bit’s Honor Roll:GOPbloggers, which basicly picks up where Blogs For Bush leaves off, after today. I’ll be adding myself to that circle as well when the time comes.
The Cocktail Hour joins us as well.

I’m experimenting with the E-Mail delivery system in Blogger. You may see a strange test entry or two over the next week or so while I get things squared away.

Finally, you’ll notice a new feature on all posts.
This is a little white square on the lower right of the closing box of each post. Clicking it brings up a mailing feature which you can use to e-mail that post to a freind. I’m adding this against my better judgement; I see it possibly bringing my hit rate down somewhat. But we’ll see how it goes.