Don Hawthorne, over at Anchor Rising Notes Peg Noonan”s latest, and says she’s nailed it. Says Don:

“Information is power and information is now beginning to flow more freely. The facts about how high taxes in our state unnecessarily burden working families and retirees is now becoming more public. How those high taxes are driven by sweetheart deals where outrageous demands by public sector unions are agreed to by spineless politicians and bureaucrats – this, too, is becoming more public.

Just so, Don… which in turn is why the Democrat party is fading away.  I made this point yesterday over at Q&O, in response to a belch of Fineman that McQ posted… The degree to which the Democrat party has been losing voter share over the last 30 years has been in direct track with the number of viewers abandoning their mouthpeices in the MSM.