So, John Kerry is now out complaining about the number of people who didn’t get counted in Democrat districts.

Perhaps it’s just me, but I made the connection right off that if these are Democrat- dominated districts where these voter problems went down, then who is running the show in each and every case? Democrats.

There’s only a very few ways this goes down, people.  Either the Democrats are total idiots and are the ones at fault for screwing this up… and screaming about it now is a rather strange omission of such… Or, else the voter problems are a red herring, designed to throw questions into a race that the Democrats lost.

The deciding point about which way that goes comes in the form of a post from Captain Ed. Ed points out (as does Michele Malkin) that Wisconsin has been at least as close as the other, more disputed states.  Funny thing, though… we don’t hear anything about the problems THERE. Yet the conditions under which the vote went to Kerry are far more questionable than most people know. Says Ed:

“In 2000, the US Census Bureau showed that Milwaukee County had 425,990 residents 18 years of age and older (incorrect — see below), yet the 2000 election had 433,537 voters casting ballots. In order for that to be correct, the census had to miss 2% of Milwaukee’s 18+ population — and no felons had to live in Milwaukee County, nor any resident aliens, illegal aliens, or any other adult ineligible to vote. And that’s just 2000. In 2004, again, the voters increased by 11% on top of what was already a 102% turnout for the previous presidential election. “


I’m forced to conclude that the Democrats are behind both situations, and manipulating each for their own benefit…