Those who say I never am critical of Mr. Bush take note of this story.

THIS tees me off no end. This is a bad move… a cave-in by the Bush administration of the first order.

Says the Financial Times:

“The ?core group? of nations announced by US President George W. Bush to channel aid to victims of the Indian Ocean tsunami will be dissolved on Thursday after only eight days as the United Nations takes control of the international relief effort, delegates to a donors summit said on Wednesday.

Oh, great. Good move, bonehead. You’re going to turn all this money over to an org that has clearly demonstrated it’s ability to screw up falling off a log.

After the Oil for food scandal, you really have to wonder how much of this money is now actually going to make it into the hands of the people who really need it. Certainly, SOME of it will get there… with the UN logo all over it… The UN never ceases to amaze with it’s ability to self-promote.  But how much of that money is going to end up in Kofi’s pocket? And we’re now being forced to turn over tax-raised money to support an org that on so many occasions has been anti-American, and has publicly stood against American sovereignty.

And what of the goodwill we could have been spreading, in the name of the western nations, to the Muslim peoples of the world?

Once again, I say to Mr. Bush: Good move, Bonehead.
Your father’s biggest problem was that he was too prone to backing down when the Democrats wanted something. Will this be your problem, as well, I wonder?