The latest nonsense argument being brought up is that Armstrong Williams got paid for expressing opinions in support of the ‘No Child Left Behind act’. This, we’re being told by the left, is somewhere between blasphemy and treason.

Well, before we got too excited about this, let’s look closer; “No Child Left Behind” is a program that Williams has been supporting right along… to no small amount of gnashing of teeth from the usual suspects. They scream about (gasp!) how unethical it all is… this from the troop that found no problem at all with the self-declared ‘most ethical administration in history’. Thing is, however, for there to be any ethical issue at all, I’d need to be shown how the money offered, changed Williams’ position on the subject. Williams, after all, is not a news man, but rather a pundit.

More, I’d need someone to explain to me how this is a worse offense than, say, the Mainstream Media being a mouthpiece for the Democrats, and the democrats responding with wink and a nod regulations and enforcement. After all, THOSE offenses at least were done under the banner of ‘objective reporting’… Something Williams has NEVER claimed to be.

In a choice between the two situations….Guess which way I’ll go?

And tell us… At what point do the white folks at Err America get nailed to the same cross the decidedly darker hands of Mr. Williams are being nailed to? Where, after all, has Err American gotten IT’S funding from? No questions about THAT, I notice. And what is Williams, but a talkshow host and political colmnist, ala Randy Rhodes, for example?

Sorry, Democrats. No sale.

I notice that some on the right are equally willing to drive the nails in. Q&O for example. While I am somewhat more inclined to think that such people are trying to take the principled road, here, what they’re doing, in the end, is letting the party of Clinton decide what is and is not ethical, since neither side has said thing one about the aforementioned Err America. The Democrats have been moving toward killing off America. There are some on the right, I fear, willing to hand the Democrats the knife to do the job, and claim it’s principled to do so.

Update: Boortz pipes up on the matter and says, today, in part:


Well now, this one is really pretty simple, isn’t it?  Armstrong Williams is black and Armstrong Williams is a conservative. This means that the leftist mainstream media will be all-too-ready to pounce given even the flimsiest of reasons.  When black conservatives speak out .. and especially when black conservatives become effective .. black conservatives must be silenced.  How DARE Armstrong Williams attempt an escape from the plantation?

Remember … this is all about the No Child Left Behind Act.  A principal part of the NCLB Act is vouchers.  Any good liberal knows that parents must not be allowed to gain any meaningful control over their child’s education.  No way, no how.  Government schools are an absolute necessity if liberals are to instill in our children a sense of helplessness and a need for more and more government in their lives.  Liberals love to talk about free choice when it comes to having a child .. but once that child is born they immediately claim virtual ownership and woe be unto the person who rises to challenge.  Armstrong Williams did just that.  That’s why he’s taking far more heat for this incident than any liberal would.

Just so.
And my other points still stand.