Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

Outside The Beltway has the details… and it’s not what you think.

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Jihad watch has posted an interesting update to that case. “The police and prosecutor are “very scared” of this case. The Muslim community in Jersey City is putting enormous pressure on City Hall to softpedal the case. Says my source: “They [police and prosecutor] want this case to go away quickly because of that.” Both […]

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

My systems at home just noticed a weather warning and mailed it to me here… we’re expecting another 4 inches of the white crap tonight. Dust My Broom expresses a thought I’ve had for a couple weeks, now.

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

E! Online is reporting “Harry Potter” author JK Rowling has a new baby in the house. This will be the third for Rowling. A girl this time, apparently. No word at this point about the name, the weight, or if there was a Z shaped scar on the baby’s forehead.

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

Rich Lowry, over at The Corner notes that the reporting on Iraq from the usual leftist suspects has become rather positive. Rich calls this…. correctly, I think…. hedging their bets. It’s not all that hard to see the pattern. Consider the election of Bush 41, and the reports on polling for same. The polling data […]

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

Is there any doubt that Ted Turner’s a nutcase? Even Hanoi Jane couldn’t take it anymore. UPDATE: Drudge is running a headline, passing along what a Fox Spokesman had to say; ‘Ted is understandably bitter having lost his ratings, his network and now his mind — we wish him well’… Ouch….. (Chuckle)

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

Anyone looking for proof that the AlQuieda insurgency is falling apart, needs look no further than this report from Outside The Beltway .  Read about how they’re treating their own people.

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

Michelle Malkin has some data which seems to suggest that at least some Chinese nationals are involved with Arab terrorist groups. All very interesting, this.

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

McQ over at QandO comments on the Oscars… posts a link to the list of nominations, in fact… and notes Michael Moore isn’t on them.

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

EURSOC this morning, as noted by Glenn Reynolds. The article by Canadian Collin May, brings new light to the discussion about was Jan Egeland attacking the US, specificly regarding being ‘stingy’. Egeland’s comment also reflects a certain European view that contends that the state, and in this case a universal state, should be responsible for […]

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Eric Florack on January 25th, 2005

The State is reporting from Berlin that “BERLIN — German police Sunday arrested two suspected al Qaeda terrorists — one attempting to buy enriched uranium for a nuclear bomb, the other allegedly planning a suicide attack in Iraq. German Federal Prosecutor Kay Nehm described one of the suspects, identified as Ibrahim Mohamed K., a 29-year-old […]

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DRUDGE is reporting: “ “Thr four Britons still held in Guantanamo Bay are due to fly home today as their lawyers prepare to launch a record 30million compensation claim over their ‘illegal’ detention” (Shrug) Personally, I don’t want them to lose such a suit. I’m serious; think about it. What better method of exposing them […]

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