Ty Willingham has been canned at ND. And frankly, I was wondering when they’d get around to it.

Here’s a clue for the race baiting hucksters trying to say the reason for Willingham firing was overt racism on the part of the school… Willingham is gone for one reason, and one reason only… a overwhelmingly losing record…. 21-15.

And if you’re still trying to tell me this is racism, please explain to me what a racist school, (as you apparently hold NotreDame to be racist, if you’re going to even suggest racism as an argument) is doing even hiring such a person.

Ask yourself; if we have a white guy who isn’t performing, but is kept in the job because of someone’s idea of keeping white people working, wouldn’t you call that racism? You bet your bazooka you would, and I’d even join you.

So why is the argument about a non-performer who happens to be black, any different? Isn’t that also racism? You know it is.

Bottom line:
Willingham didn’t perform… a point even he admits.
It’s about time his race baiting supporters did, too.