Hobbs makes an argument that at least a few of my readers will find of interest. He notes on a fairly new blog called “Witting Shire” a post, which says in part:

“If you believe that man is nothing but a random collection of atoms, geared only toward self-preservation and bound by no moral imperatives, there comes a point when all your loud demands for justice and equality begin to ring hollow in the void of the universe. Why should you care if women are beaten by their husbands, if salmon die, if Iraqi children fall? Even if, irrationally, you do care, why should you expect anyone else to care? There can be no rights—and no wrongs—in a world inherently constructed around the survival of the fittest. All our caring is but pretense, masking the meaninglessness of life and the inescapable selfishness of our own lives.

Having lost our wits, we now are losing our wit. When there is nothing to smile about, no one smiles.

This one passage would seem to me the crux of the whole problem with what laughingly passes for the liberal mind of today, and would in fact explain much of what we saw in the last election.

A shorter version; How can one who does not think there are any moral absolutes, argue for anything, as a ‘moral issue’?