Mark Steyn:

“Last year, I was strolling down the boulevard de Maisonneuve in Montreal and saw across the street a Muslim woman, covered from head to toe in black, struggling home with her groceries past a ‘condom boutique’ whose front window was advertising massive discounts on a, er, item of useful gay-sex paraphernalia. I wish I’d had a digital camera: there, in a single image, were the internal contradictions of the multicultural society. It seems highly improbable to me that gay hedonism and creeping sharia can co-exist for long. As yesterday’s dispirited poll results implied, the modern multicultural state is really a nullity, a vacuum. The question is what’s likely to fill it.”

Likely, a war, Mark. Particularly, if we let the hard liners win in the Middle East now.  Sadly, in the case of Canada, they’re fostering such internal struggles, and fanning the flames of internal war, by putting both the Sha’ira and the homosexual lifestyle on equal legal ground.