As usual, there’s an interesting discussion going on over at
QandO , this time regarding the idiot I mentioned yesterday, Jan Egeland, and his comments about how we’re being stigy when it comes to funding the UN. 

One chap pipes up and says he charge was pretty even handed against ALL western countries. To which I responded:

Even handed?
Let’s see, here.
The US is already up to $35 milion to the UN as of this morning.

Historically, the US pulls about 40% of the world’s relief freight, money wise, and that’s just with the UN and doesn’t include the private conbtributions, which by some estimates will triple that number.

France, on the other hand has thusfar managed to come up with $135,000 dollars. Sound ‘even handed’ to you?

Look, let’s call this what it is, shall we? We’re going to end up investing a billion dollars in getting things right over there again, all the while being harped on by the world socilaist debate society that we’re not givng them enough. When we get all done spending that billion, we’ll go right back to where we were before… them hating us for having the wealth and the means that saved their asses in the first place.

Already, we’re being blamed for causing the problem….

Another angle covered in an e-mail to my blog this morning, that I’ve not written up yet… the writer reminds us that the majority of the countries in question are heavily Muslim. I wonder how our aid efforts will play on that stage, and how it will affect the GWOT?”

Another thought; isn’t it interesting, that the first words out of the mouth of the vaunted UN isn’t “How can we best help these people with what we have, and what nations can bring what resources to the area”… no, what we first hear is we should be raising taxes so as to support the UN.

Sorry, that’s not going to sell with me.. and I suspect, most Americans.

Captain Ed has a few words to say on all of this, too.