Reilly , over at Right Voices makes note of somehting I’ve been watching, too, but have thusfar refused comment on, thinking it a non-mover, frankly…. The continued recount efforts in Ohio.

Reilly apparently doesn’t understand Kamp Kerry’s continued efforts in Ohio, given that at least on the surface, they’re not disputing the election results.

The answer is simple enough… They’re trying to further hte perception that the Democrats were victims of fraud, to use as a tool against the Republicans in the 2008 election.

Oh, yeah, that’ll fly… it worked so well in the 2004 election, huh?

Still looking at Democrat policy over the last 60 years, one sees the pattern clearly; insisting on tacics that repeatedly haven’t worked in the past, expecting different reults is what Democrats do. Sorta like insisting socilaism will work, if we’d just do it right…