You will recall I mentioned the other day a editorial from the blithering idiot, Al Neuharth. It seems that E*P has been getting drowned in letters of response from angry Americans who share my view. E&P is singing the blues at their site. Dare I say it looks like they’re trying to defend his actions?

The responses they’re getting says it all. A sample;

George Wyman: ?Mr. Neuharth is simply UnAmerican.?

Jeffrey A. Norris: ?Cowards and traitors like Al Neuharth want all the comforts they know and enjoy, without a sacrifice to buy it.?

Frank Butash, West Hartford, CT.: ?Apparently it’s easier to run with jackals than to stand up for your country when it needs support.?

Kenneth Genest: ?They had two of these in World War 2. One was called Tokyo Rose and the other Axis Sally. Their job was to discourage the American soldiers. I see they have one now at USA Today.?

Dan Clawson, Fresno,m CA.: “A disgrace to the men and women who serve. USA Today supporting the terrorist cause.”

Jerry Martin, San Francisco, CA.: ?Yet another self-defeating fool with a large bank account shoots himself in the foot. Their dissent equals treason. The terrorists got him just like all the other rich liberals who side against our victory. They forget that wars end, and then the country takes stock of who was where. I encourage the fool to keep mouthing against our victory over the Muslim jihad, he’ll pay the social price in the end.?

E&P offers up a mumble about ‘the value of open dialogue’, but apparently can’t deal with such a situation when the ‘open dialogue’ means the average has a chance to call one of the fifth estate what he is… a traitor.