1500/WTOP has dropped the other shoe… the sources of funding which ran the campaign against the Stadium.

WTOP Radio has learned up to 20 percent of the $50,000 came from Robert Siegel, an Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner whose business would have to move to make way for the stadium.

Siegel is a major landowner on the South Capitol stadium site, an area that Siegel calls “D.C.’s unofficial Red Light district.”

He owns 11 properties, several of which house gay nightclubs. He also owns a gay porn shop and adult theaters.

Other groups involved ‘friends of the earth” and the ‘Green Party”

Now perhaps we see why the last minute nonsense. Is it too soon to ask how much of that money ended up in the bank account of Councilwoman Kopp ?
I knew this stunk. The concept of a Democrat… ANY Democrat… Particularly one in Washington DC’s metro government, being concerned about this kind of expenditure was too far out to be taken at face value.