The Red Cross is putting together relief efforts in the Ring of Fire, for all hte Tsunami victims. Death estimates range to 20,000 people at the moment, and my take is we’ll see thtat rise. The Red Cross of course needs funds to do their thing and are taking donations. They’re doing that here, while they get their stuff going.

Meanwhile, I note a rather dramatic silence from the UN on all of this.
Hey, Kofi… is it only stuff you and your kid can make money on that you actually respond to?


New info, apparently posted at Michele Malkin’s place after my original comments.

Interesting that this word had to come from, of all places, the Hindustan Times.

And as Michele points up; Let’s hope the ‘help’ provided look better than what hey’ve been up to with the Congolese.

I wonder if the UN knows it’s butt is on the line, here.