Speaking of James and Outside The Beltway, James links a WaPo story about the attack in Mosul yesterday, which suggests that Military officials are concerned about the accuracy of that attack.

The compound the tent was in was on top of a hill.
The tent was the tallest structure on the hill.
It was visible literally for miles, and could have been attacked from about any angle within range, given the topography of the target and the surrounding area, and the resulting geometry of the shot.

Indeed, the tent, according to FNC this morning, had been attacked previously, but usually to little to no effect, given the Insurgents are too stupid, or in too much of a hurry, generally, to either know how to use their weapons or set their shots. They?d always missed, previously.

This time, they got lucky.

And WAP, I’m afraid, is playing the liberal anti-war line, as usual.
Witness nobody else besides they have run a story even approaching the level of “The Sky Is Falling” that the WAP has here.

I’m not sold; Sorry.


It appears that WaPo got the story wrong. The military is now saying it was a suicide bomber inside the tent, not an attack from outside with rockets, mortars or whatever.  So, the entire “accuracy of attack” angle goes out the window and with it, most of WaPo’s credibility.

This discovery, however, raises new questions. Whoever was involved had clearly gotten the trust to get past normal levels of security. Given what constitutes normal levels of security in such places, I would speculate the person doing the deed to be someone who had been working with our people for at least several weeks, if not months. 

If I’m Michele Malkin, I think I’m busy pointing this out as an example of why stronger immigration security is needed.