TIME says PowerLine is the Blog of the year.

A good choice, but I wonder a bit.

Consider a parallel; McQ’s annoyed with me, because I don’t like what Councilwoman Cropp down in DC did regarding the Baseball deal. McQ states, understandably, that he likes the idea on principle. But Cropp is someone who has never objected to spending government money previously. Not ONCE. Indeed, the action is so far out of normalcy with DC Democrats in general and herself in particular, I wondered publicly what the motivation was, and speculated there was some less than honest money involved. Turns out, I was right.

I have a similar suspcion here.

Usually, Time gets things so flat out wrong, usually intentionally so for the purpose of backing liberal politics, that this blogger cannot help but wonder what their motivation is here. One possibility occurs to me; Powerline is unreservedly Religious right. and, deservedly, is the most popular among blogs of that type. But given that Time has also named President Bush Person of the year, can this be an attempt by the unabashedly leftist Time Magazine, to link the Presdient more solidly to the Religious right in terms of reader perception? And in the event you think this is over-reading on my part, may I suggest Dean Essmay’s excellent article on perceptions and symbolism, that he’s posted this morning?

My thoughts on this will be nothing but reinforced if this award goes UNawarded next year, as James Joyner suggests it might.