WaPo Is trying WAY too hard to come up with something, ANYTHING to throw at President Bush. Fellow Blogspotter Steve Sturm seems to agree.

The United States has committed $35 million (out of a total of $100 million in worldwide pledges of international aid), 9 military planes filled with relief supplies, and has set up a regional support center at a US Air Force Base in Thailand, which will be manned with US Marines. In addition to this, there are millions more dollars in contributions from Americans pouring into the bank accounts of relief groups worldwide.

Yet, what does the Washington Post decide to highlight in a Page A1 article?. Complaints about Bush not taking a more visible role! Not what we ARE doing, but what Bush is supposedly not doing. Considering US aid already dwarfs any other country’s contributions, the writers can’t fault Bush for the substance of his response, so they attack him because he hasn’t rushed back to Washington, because he hasn’t gone on TV to deliver a Clinton-esque “I feel your pain” speech.

I guess I can’t say that any better.
I’d add, however a question. Let’s say Mr. Bush took a more visible role. What would the charge be?
“Why, he’s just trying to make political points off the deaths of 100 thousand people.”

You KNOW it’s what they’d say about it.