Beckwith, over at Southern Appeal brings up a topic I heard about last night in the chat room. I’ll post the whole thing here, as well, since, given the message, I’m pretty confident he won’t mind.

Operation Phone Card

On January 1 at 2 p.m. at Floyd Casey Stadium, Baylor will host a deployment ceremony for the Texas Army National Guard 56th Brigade Combat Team, which is being sent to Iraq in the largest overseas deployment of the Texas National Guard since World War II. Some 3,300 of our neighbors and friends will be far away from their families, jobs, classrooms, homes and churches in the service of our country.

Baylor University and other Central Texas organizations are asking you to support our troops by helping them stay in touch with their families and loved ones while serving in Iraq. We intend to send every member of the Guard off to Iraq with a prepaid “phone card” in their pack.

You can participate in this effort by contributing whatever you can – any amount is welcomed – to help purchase these long distance phone cards. All contributions must be received no later than Dec. 27 to be included in the Operation Phone Card program.

There are three easy ways to contribute:

*To make an online contribution using PayPal or a credit card, go to and click on the PayPal link.

*Cash contributions can be dropped off by Dec. 23 at the Baylor Athletics Ticket Office at Floyd Casey Stadium or the cashier’s office on the first floor of Robinson Tower.

*Checks made out to “Operation Phone Card” can be mailed to:

Operation Phone Card
Floyd Casey Stadium
150 Bear Run
Waco, TX 76711

Contributions to purchase these phone cards are NOT tax-deductible and are not considered gifts to Baylor University.

A worthy cause.