“Now, it’s our party; we bought it, we own it”

So says the rather aptly surnamed Eli Pariser.

Dodd Harris suggests, correctly, that the concept of a Socialist claiming property rights is amusing.

John Venlet meanwhile, suggests they paid too much for what they got. He also quotes DNC spokesman Jano Cabrera, who says in part

“Call me crazy, but I think the fact that for the first time in party history we outraised the Republicans, and did so primarily through grass-roots fund raising is something to be proud of.”

OK, I’ll call you crazy.

But look, guys, I’m not at all concerned. Seriously, let ’em keep it.

Yes, they raised that much more money..  But given the results of the last election, where the Democrats outspent the Republicans…(If you include the 527’s) by an order of nine dollars to every one dollar the Republicans spent… and still they lost…  I’m not so sure I’m convinced they’re a threat…. and he situation is going to continue to get worse for them.

The only thing that will change that losing trend is for MoveOn to, well, Move On.

Ain’t gonna happen and you and I both know that. So does the mainstream America.