Clearly, Chevy Chase has lost his friggin’ mind. Senility is finally settling in. Or so one judges by the reports of his appearance at the Kennedy Center yesterday. Even the Hollywood left were trying to distance themselves from his comments there, says WaPo’s Richard Leiby in today’s. The Reliable Source (

Of course Chase is simply playing to the room.  Think; What can you expect when the other speakers are Alec Baldwin .. he of the “I’m moving to France” line… and Susan Sarandon, (no comment), Tom Daschle, and Norman Lear? You rather expect a feeding frenzy at what was clearly designed as a bitch session for the losers of the last election. A little coke or maybe a little booze… Something… and a room full of bitter, bitter people bitching about their loss and someone like Chase is off to the races, doing what talents like him do; playing the room. Trouble is, he actually BELIEVES the sludge he spewed, and so it comes out stronger than he intends.

If I’m you, Chase, you blinking moronic stooge, I’m grabbing a national mike somewhere to issue a formal apology. If I’m “People for the (UN)-American way”, who hosted the event, I’m thinking some pressure on Chase to do that is worth the effort expended. If you’re really worried about being associated with this idiot’s comments, that is.

Of course it COULD be that you actually AGREE with the man, huh?

At what point do we understand, dear reader, that Hollywood is NOT our friend?