Beck this morning makes mention of An Insta-link, with this as the quote:

“For way too long, it has been the mainstream media (MSM) that’s played God with the American public, telling everyone what’s news and what’s not, what to play up and what to downplay. But 2004 was the year the power started shifting, that the Little People, if you will, started to tell the gods of media what the public really wanted.”

Billy points out, correctly, that the shift in question started a long time gone, and that it’s just recently that Glaser took notice… or more correctly, that he was forced to take notice.

But isn’t that always the way of things? The actual starting of momentous events are seldom noticed as such at the time, and often, not afterward, either, I suppose.

Rather like the Rock Star that suddenly pops up in the top of the charts, seemingly coming out of nowhere. A look back into your music collection, however shows he’s been playing behind other stars and on the edge of greatness for years, and you never noticed….

So, too, is blogdom today. The threat to the MSM has been there forever. It’s just that the result of this most recent election has forced the MSM to notice the threat.

And by the way, I wouldn’t expect the liberals running and attending USC to take official notice it before the press themselves did, would you, really?