As of just now, Adsense tells me my account has made a grand total of $14.72. Since I started running AdSense ads in September, that comes out to $3.68 per month, average. Since, by Adsense policy, I won’t get paid until the payable total comes out to $100 or better, I figure I should get my first payment for ads on this blog about December of 2008… Four years from now.


Ah, what the beep. Let it stay there. If the blog really takes off, that clickthrough vector will change, too, I guess.

This blog’s only been around for a year and a half and already Michele Malkin is telling me it’s toast. Along with the rest of blogging, of course, Vid Blogging says our girl Michele, is the next big thing. Maybe so, Michele, but I’ve been writing a weekly column for around a quarter century, now, (only recently putting it up on Blogspot) and I’m not likely to stop anytime soon.

Speaking of Blogs and their uses, Reynolds notes a column in DER SPIEGEL suggesting blogs are quite useful in the relief efforts around that Tsunami of the other day… Which they’re now saying claimed 100,000.

I mentioned hitcounts being up a bit, yesterday. One thing I’d not noticed at that point is actually kinda funny; I’ve been getting a fair amount of hits recently from the Err America site, from Al Franken’s blog. (And of course I do not plan to link them). You know you’ve made it when the moonbats start targeting you, I suppose. (Shrug)

Samizdata notes the effort of the “Spaceship One” folks to go with more than one person on Spaceship two… Possibly as many as EIGHT. Sounds like they’re looking for commercial tourism ventures a little ahead of schedule.

Update from Tomas Kohl; Apparently the new hosting situation is a temporary one. I gather he was on BlogHosts. That, I did not know… And that explains THAT. Good luck, Tomas.

I’ve had many good comments in E-mail, in response to my Christmas and New Year’s BITs. Thank you, those who wrote.

Dale Franks is on vacation, and has posted some rather stunning digital photography over at Q&O..

Speaking of Q&O, Jon Henke (Who I don’t really dislike, by the way…grin) notes with some satisfaction another mail in the argument from the tinfoil hat crowd over on the left about how Iraq was all about Haliburton getting control of the oil. Seems Iraq has granted it’s first contracts… And guess what?” Americans aren’t in the mix.  Won’t stop the Alcoa Chappeau crowd from screaming, but now they have even less credibility than before…. if that’s possible.