An extention of my long form on the Basketball game/fight of week befrore last;Sports Inebriated is reporting today that

PONTIAC, Mich. (AP) — After weeks of pouring over videotape from one of the worst fights in U.S. sports history, prosecutors filed charges against five Indiana Pacers players and seven Detroit fans.

Well, now let’s see. The charges involve a max jailtime of 90 days and a $300 fine.

Ask yourself; which has the better chance of getting off from such a charge; The average joe, or the Millionaire Basketball player with instant name recognition? Even assuming everyone gets the maximum… who can deal with this better? The Average wage slave, or the Millionaire basketball star?

Go ahead, America… tell me how ‘oppressed’ David Artest is.
Do I sound angry? Good. That’s what I intend.