Word from the other end of I-90 this morning that the Democrats are claiming an 8-vote victory in Washington State’s Governorship. Outside The Beltway links a story in the Seattle paper to that effect this morning. Says James:

“The Democrats keep “finding” previously uncounted ballots in precincts they control and, coincidentally, the last county to turn in its results is one controlled by Democrats.”

The pattern has been there since before 2000… the ones where they’re finding these “lost” ballots are invariably dominated by the Democrats.

That either means Democats as a rule are incredibly incompetent, or, more likely, they are simply criminal. In my view nobody can fail quite so often without trying. How is it that these ballots simply disappear so often in Democrat party controlled voting districts, so much so that they’re so often a factor? The only logical answer is that they were manufactured after the fact to throw the close race.

And yes, I’m saying they’ve committed fraud on the American people once again.