James at Outside The Beltway seems to think baseball in the DC area’s in trouble. He quotes Boswell in the WaPo who says in part:

“Late Tuesday night, in the 11th hour of a marathon D.C. Council meeting, chairman Linda W. Cropp blew to smithereens the deal that MLB thought it had in place with Washington to build a ballpark on the Anacostia waterfront. With that single blow, which leaves baseball no alternatives, the return of major league baseball to the nation’s capital is now dead.”

Frankly, I’m having a problem working up any kind of emotion at all on this one.My initial reaction, was one word: “Typical”.

After watching our own Demorat Mayor here in Rochester destroy our city in slow motion, it doesn’t even raise an eyebrow, anymore when a fellow Democrat pulls the same thing in another town, and for much the same reason. Says James:

“Those on AM970, the DC sports radio station, believe Cropp, who wants to be mayor some day, is piqued that MLB hasn’t shown her the proper level of respect. “

Those of you in Rochester…. does this ring any bells about a big boat in the Genesee River? About High Falls? About a PAC? About proposals for a Casino in Downtown Rochester?

And it’s not just these two cities. It’s the whole country, like this.
People, I want you to consider this seriously; Take a look at the Red/Blue map on a County- By- County level from the most recent election. and note that the areas of the country that are in the most decay, are the ones that are under the control of the Democratic party; they are the last holdouts for that party.

The connection: You decide.