One of my favorite writersMona Charen belts one out of the park today.

” In 2004, the United States provided $826,469,172 — almost a billion dollars — to the United Nations World Food Program. The next largest donor, the European Union, contributed $187,102,068. This, despite the fact that the European Union has a total population of 453 million, compared with the USA’s 281 million, and a gross domestic product that is larger than that of the United States.

Japan was third on the list, giving $126,906,097, and the United Kingdom was fourth, with donations totaling $109,247,050. Iran gave $40,000. The Saudi Kingdom gave $3,345,325 — about the cost of one trip to Paris for the Crown Prince. And Kuwait, the OPEC fund and the Russian Federation gave nothing. “

Let’s stick those in a column so we’re not losing the flavor here.

$826,469,172 United States
$187,102,068 EU

For those without calculators handy, that’s a ratio of 4.4172 to 1.

And that’s just the government based work, which ignores the charity giving.
Let’s not have any more of this ‘we’re not giving enough’ crap, OK?