Michelle Malkin posts today:

“The family of Specialist David Mahlenbrock, a 20-year-old combat engineer who was killed in Iraq last Friday when a roadside bomb detonated, has a special request.

They are asking radio music stations to play Toby Keith’s “American Soldier” on Wednesday, Dec. 15, at 1pm, in memory of Mahlenbrock, who will be buried at Arlington National Cemetery on that date/time.

According to military blogger Blackfive, Mahlenbrock wrote a letter before his death requesting that Keith’s song be played at his funeral in case he was killed in the line of duty.”

I post this here for several reasons… mostly because I know I have a lot of freinds who read this blog that are still in the biz.

Play the song, guys… and tell them why you’re doing it.

And a hat tip as always to Michelle.