Eric Florack on December 22nd, 2004

Norad has announced the NORAD Tracks Santa Website.  Go for a visit.

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Eric Florack on December 22nd, 2004

Mark Steyn is always worth a read. This column is better than most. Say ‘Merry Christmas’ while you still can

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Eric Florack on December 22nd, 2004

Beck this morning makes mention of An Insta-link, with this as the quote: “For way too long, it has been the mainstream media (MSM) that’s played God with the American public, telling everyone what’s news and what’s not, what to play up and what to downplay. But 2004 was the year the power started shifting, […]

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Speaking of James and Outside The Beltway, James links a WaPo story about the attack in Mosul yesterday, which suggests that Military officials are concerned about the accuracy of that attack. The compound the tent was in was on top of a hill. The tent was the tallest structure on the hill. It was visible […]

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Eric Florack on December 22nd, 2004

Word from the other end of I-90 this morning that the Democrats are claiming an 8-vote victory in Washington State’s Governorship. Outside The Beltway links a story in the Seattle paper to that effect this morning. Says James: “The Democrats keep “finding” previously uncounted ballots in precincts they control and, coincidentally, the last county to […]

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