So, I’m hearing these last few days about how Muslims are all bent out of shape because our Marines are known to have shot some insurgents in Mosques. I find it hard to get overly excited by the complaint. Thing is, a lot of our military are somewhat miffed at being shot from the Mosques. It all evens out, that way.

Oh, speaking of such matters.. did you notice that Margaret Hassan was killed by Islamic Terrorists yesterday? If you didn’t, no shock; the press hasn’t been playing it up much. Shot her in the face at close range, as I gather it.

Hassan, you may recall was an English woman who had devoted her life to helping Iraqis.

But her death doesn’t get nearly the coverage of one Marine shooting an insurgent Terrorist in the head… one who was likely already dead, and if not, was an attacker, waiting for a chance to strike out at said Marine.

Ask yourself; why the different levels of coverage? More, why the different levels of outrage? I mean, here we have a press clearly demonstrating itself to be more concerned over the life of one terrorist, than they are about the life of at least two someones who are dedicated to making the situation in Iraq better…. Ms Hassan, and the Marine in question.

Perhaps the question is more correctly asked; Whose side are the press on, hmmmmm?

As if we don’t both know the answer to that one.