Bruce Horbsby wrote a song a while ago called “The Red Plains” that had a rather interesting line… and it’s one that reminds me to some degree that I’m back at work today…

“Get up on Sunday morning
Repent for Friday night
Don’t let ’em tell you it’s gonna be a fair fight”

And boy, do I feel like that today.

Back to work, though.

Oh, don’t misunderstand; I like my job, and the folks I work with. It’s days like last Friday, though, juxtiposed against “everyday” days like today, that make me very aware that it’s the stolen moments… those fleeting times… that give us the best memories. Sad that we can’t slow them down to enjoy them while they’re here.

My family and I do tend to travel rather a lot. My doing, I suppose. Our boys like to ‘go’ just about anywhere. My wife started out as a homebody, but is becoming increasingly tolerant of the wanderlust I’ve always had, and that I’ve started imparting to our two sons. Perhaps part of the reason behind that wanderlust is that we’re trying to make special memories, while underway. It’s one reason I bought the long-haul van, and why we own the camper.

They’ve started to learn that every journey is an adventure, and that all journeys, are better than their ending. (Save one… that being Heaven itself.) And that, I think, is among the most important lessons one can teach; cherish what times you have…. while you have them.

Last Friday, though recharged our batteries, as it were.
And I’m planning our next road trip.