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Tape… in Concert?

Yeah, Billy, I know… [1]

But I speak form some personal experience, here. I’ve done some roadie work in my time, and I know the situation, though I’ve not been as exposed to it as you.

My problem with your comments is, in those days the audiences… and usually the bands… were so blasted they didn’t notice some flaws here and there. Besides, it’s harder to hear the flaws when you’re ears are bleedin’….  But for a more sober retrospective, listen to Kiss’ live LP’s and you’ll noitce problems in the vocals that simply don’t show up in the studio tracks. Mostly, where vocalists get off mike for half a word, get out of live, level wise, or what have you..  or are busy moving while trying to hit that note and miss on both counts.

Now, sometimes, as in the case of Kiss, or what is in my view, the best live LP ever recorded, Frampton Comes Alive, there’s a number of flaws that do not explain themselves well to most listeners… particularly those who don’t know the concert scene. In those cases I’ve listed, though, the energy associated with the expereince translates itself into the playing and singing, and overcomes what technical flaws there are.

Other side of the coin…Ever see Michial Jackson live? I’ve seen tapes… and frankly, the vocals sucked sewage. Interesting how most of the crowd didn’t notice. Too busy fainting, I guess.

I think part of the problem, here… and here the STAR gets it half right….  is that the stage shows have gotten energetic to the point of being spastic.

And the other half…. Not everyone who can kick serious but in the studio, can do the same in a live situation; and the reverse is true, as well. but I question the idea that trying to cover that lack rises to the level of fraud.

And what the beep are you read the STAR for anyway? I gave up on that garbage years ago.