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Sorry to Disappoint, But….

Look, I hate to disappoint my readers, but I do NOT plan to beomce a rumor repeater, here. THere’s going to be a whole lotta poop flying around the nets tonight, about who’s winning where, most of it garbage, and I will not bust a vein trying to repeat it here as if I’m on the front lines.

First because I simply don’t have the time, tonight.
More importantly, I likely won’t have any fresh info to pass along about who’s winning that everyone else doesn’t already have.
And perhaps most important, is the concept that I don’t trust about half of it, anyway. Let’s remember 2000, where CBS went for Gore waaaaayyyyy before it was justified.
And I get the idea that we won’t know unill at least tommrow morning, who wins, in any event. Likely, it’ll be later than that.

Finally, beacuse Blogger’s already a problem getting in to add stuff to the blogs.
I can’t imagine I’m going to be beating anyone to the punch tonight.
I may have an opinion or two, and will be writing them as they come to me. But that’s about it.

Go, W. Go.

PS: I do have a link you’ll be interested in, if you’re looking for a current count [1].