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Snow? … And Other Small Hits.

* Well, it’s snowed last night, here in Rochester. Bit’sBox had some annoyng white trim on it… mostly, on the windsheild. It took a few extra minute to clear and to get things up to normal operating range. I am NOT looking forward to winter.  You know the winter reputation Buffalo has.Many still have vivid memories of Bufalo actually shipping trainload after trainload of snow out of town in the 70’s. Well, Rochester is actually a little frther north than Buffalo, and is actually north of a fairly good-sized chunk of Canada. (Brrrrr!)The only advantage here is I don’t have to swap out the ‘holding’ ice in the van’s fridge quite so often. (I use gallon jugs of ice for those times when the truck isn’t running, to keep the temp inside the fridge down where it belongs)

* Just tried Altoids Ginger. Ouch. I can see tossing one of these things into your tea, or cooking with them.

* Hit rates on this page are down from the stratospheric levels they were at on Thursday. Guess the election’s over. I don’t feel too badly about it, though, given everyone else’s hitrates are down by a lot, too, even the first line boys.

*A few mailnotes regards my BitsBit of this week. No, people, I’m not trying to slence the Democrats. I’m simply identifying the group as a collective basket case, which is something they should have done themselves, 70 years ago.