I wasn’t quite sure how to react to today’s WSJ column by Peggy Noonan.

I really wasn’t.
I’m still working these thoughts out in my own head as I type this, but I wonder if the Blogging world can take note of the general tone of her words, here.

We on the right side of Blogdom have been working hard and have been sinking our teeth into exposed political flesh at a nearly non-stop rate. Having vanquished that foe, we look rather like the proverbial Kligon warrior, still in the heat of the battle, and still seeking other challangers, we turn on anything that moves…  including fellow warriors who until the recent victory, were fighting alongside us.

Bloggers, over the last few years, have developed the habit of jumping with both feet into the soup… a good habit to have when it’s needful.  But it’s now down to pausing for a few minutes and catching our collective breath.

Even Matt Drudge, who arguably is out on the bleeding edge of blogdom, has had pretty much the same page content for around the last 24 hours… something not seen since before the primary season.

Noonan points to Arlan Spector. I cannot, in all honesty view Spector with a less than wary eye, these days. Nor, I think, should you.

Her larger point remains true however; Stop fighting for a few moments… we’ve won. Let’s re-assess our situation before striking out in a new direction.

The absolute Republican majority we now have is not a position we’ve been in, before, in any of our lifetimes. Yes, there are problems with this, and Spector clearly is one major problem. But we need to slow down, and plan our steps carefully, lest we lose our footing in two years.