I wrote once that it’s a measure of how far we’ve come in terms of our national security situation that we’re able to argue about the small stuff…  like the exact position of Madanna’s tounge at a given moment… or the latest 15 minute long Hollywood wedding…. (I”ve even forgotten who it was!) So, I guess it’s no shock that every network and newspaper is filling their time with stories about Martha Stewart, or arguments about the reasons behind the massive failure of the latest Oliver Stone sham.  (Of course, it’s all the fault of American Homophobes… it’s not tha it’s a laughably bad movie, right, guys?

And then of course there’s the bowing and scraping going on around Babs “The Nose” Streisand. The networks seem to feel someone actually gives a hot flying pigeon poop what she thinks about anything to do with politics.  The woman is a first rate ditz, and has been documented as such even within her chosen field. Would she, by chance, take seriously anyone who said she didn’t deserve what awards she’s won?
Why is anyone taking her seriously in the world outside Music, I’ve no idea.

And, yes, I would rank these stories… all of them…. all in the same area.