• After nearly five years of some of the most partisan sniping in American poliical history, the Democrats are now saying George W. Bush has to work to be non-partisan. Then again, they always say that when they lose.
  • Europe is falling into some sort of funk of late. They’re publicly making cheerful noises… and for the most part is seems a sigh of relief that they won’t be dealing with the simpering wimp that is John Kerry. That toad Chirac, however is still being his usual jovial self. I wonder if his country understands just what Chirac has cost them on the world stage, going forward.
  • Nancy Pelosi says “We’ve lost about evrythng we can lose” Umm… No, Nancy, not yet. I think it’s nearing the end of the Democratic party itself, personally… and I think that a proper response to what that party has been doing the last 40 years.
    I’ll mention more about that this weekend.
  • You just know the Democrats haven’t gotten the message yet, when even what laughingly passes for the moderate wing of said Demoacratic party , is talking about Hillary clinton for 2008.
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