Mona Charen:

“If you knew nothing else about John Edwards than what you could see from his semi-concession speech on Nov. 3, it would be enough to dislike him. There was Kerry, standing behind him and attempting to keep his composure before what had to be the most difficult speech of his life, and yet Edwards had the poor taste to talk on and on about how his “fight” didn’t end here, and how he was still battling for the little guy, and all the rest of the blather that had brought him close to the pinnacle of American politics. Edwards kept Kerry waiting while he gave the first campaign speech of 2008. Nice. ”
But speaking of the little guy, this election has clarified to a remarkable degree which party is actually the party of ordinary Americans. George Soros, Michael Moore,, Whoopi Goldberg, Ben Affleck and a few other plutocrats spent a reported $200 million attempting to defeat George W. Bush. They had the energetic assistance of The New York Times, ABC, NBC, NPR, CNN and particularly CBS. They retain (for how much longer is open to question) the power to shape the national debate. But the Bush campaign (guided by the insight of Karl Rove) focused on church-attending, conservative, hard-working middle class Americans whose only form of protest against the power of the mainstream press is to tune in to talk radio and the Internet.”

Always spot-on, this lady.