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OK, That’s Done, Now What?

A friend asked me the question that I’d heard people ask Limbaugh after other elections: “Well, now that the election’s over and Bush won,, what in the world do you plan to talk about?” … Not understanding, apparently, that I seldom actually plan to talk in these spaces, about anything at all, rather tending toward simply giving in to an idea and writing about it. Usually, as long-time readers will know it’s simply something that happens to catch my eye as I look at the world.

At the moment, the Democrats are licking their wounds spinning wild conspiracy theories which are expected and hardly worth noting… While the rest of the world is catching it’s breath, and Bithead’s attention turns to other matters. Not smaller, certainly, but of less notice during the election season,for all the shouting, pre- 11/2.

Our troops, along with the Iraqis and all the people dedicated to that task, are, at the direction of the president of Iraq, moving on the terrorist stronghold of Fallujah. I’ve been offering silent prayers for those people all day. You will want to do the same; They’ll need the help.

My older boy was confirmed yesterday, and we spent the day in celebration of that. And much of the day before, for that matter. To celebrate a bit I brought both he and his brother out to Buffalo’s Frontier Rail yard to blow off some film at the passing parade.  His grandmother popped for a meal at the Olive Garden after services yesterday, it being one of her favorite places.

I imagine I’ve just given some of the leftists reading this blog one more reason to dislike me; I and my family are religious. So be it, it’s they who have problems with my diversity, I suppose.

I said nothing to him, but I saw a lot of myself at that age in my boy this last weekend, and also a maturity that made me sit up and take notice on several levels. It was startling in it’s contrast from what I’ve come to expect over the younger years and I caught myself wondering if I was misreading the situation because of some misplaced parental pride. Oh, he still has his rough edges, make no mistake. But in many ways he’s taking on a personality I’m prouder of by the day, on the whole, and last weekend was a reminder of that.

The Christmas decorations in the stores, which in large part, have been up since the start of September, are at last starting to hit home with me; It’s getting close, and I’m going to need to start shopping. And I’ve got to get the camper back into the garage and up on jacks for the winter.

More hopeful on the horizon is our wedding anniversary. My Donna and I were married on Vets’ day in 1989.  We have made it a tradition, these last 15 years, to play hookie from work this one day out of the year, without fail, and spend the day together doing whatever.  The kids are at school, so for around eight to ten wonderful hours, our time is our own, and precious as rare jewels.

Over the years, we’ve gone on shopping trips to nearby Buffalo, and Syracuse, gone to Niagara Falls, (Where I proposed to her, and where, much to my long lasting happiness, she accepted on the spot.) Once, we even did the Finger Lakes Wine Trail, stopping at a few of the several wineries there and one really first rate restaurant, down that way. It was romantic colorful and above all memorable; Fall was rather late that year making the day rather more comfortable and colorful than we’d seen in years.

I’m not sure where we’re going this year; it’s not often we actually plan the day too tightly. Given the changeable nature of the weather, it’s hard to plan outdoor activity around here his time of year, to begin with, and anyway, we generally just follow our moods. It’s OUR time, dammit, and we do our level best to keep the world from intruding.This year, since the 11th falls on a Thursday and the kids have off from school, and she’s working, we’re taking Friday together.

Above all, life continues.  The very reason I’m able to focus my attention on these matters is because I have confidence in the man we’ve elected. I know he’ll do his job; I don’t have to regard every move he makes with suspicion as would be needed with a John Kerry.

Perhaps that’s the message behind a smaller hitcount than what I got here, before the election, and the lower number of new postings from just about all of Blogdom; We can stop a goodly chunk of our worry, now.