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Oh, Get ON with It, Already. Is Arafat Dead, Or Isn’t He?

Anyone doubting the concept of a life after death should simply look at Yassir Arafat. Personally, I’m rather thinking the best tribute we could build over him would be an outhouse. But we can’t… they’re still back and forth over this guy’s path toward room temperature. Here’s someone who even the socialist French doctors say is brain dead… and they should know… it is a concept with which the French are most closely linked of late, after all…. and yet for some reason they’re not ready to give it up.Despite all these death reports, he keeps popping up again, just like Bill Clinton, or Al Gore…  Or, Chucky, possibly….You know, people who should have been dead long ago, and were certainly acting like it, but fooled us all. Or maybe it’s more like people who were simply brain dead, like Jimmy Carter or Walter Cronkite.

Only thing I can think of is they’re hoping for him to kill a few more innocent civilians, before taking a final bow, or something.

But I say, enough is enough. Look, I mean, the guy’s got 65 virgins to get to… and he was only up to number five when we declared he wasn’t dead after all. Give the poor guy a chance, huh? Slot this guy, already, and let’s get to the peace talks, eh? It’s only with him gone that we’re going to have any peace, anyway.

Update: Here we go again; OTB links a wire story [1]that says he is dead after all.  I trust James, but…. I dunno. Stay tuned for yet another resurection tonight, is my advice.

Update2: There’s something remarkably British about Q&O’s comments [2]on this topic.