OK, I admit it, I’m out of sorts this week. Perhaps it’s just the change of season, that’s got me a little cranky. The muscle pull in my shoulder, aggrivated by pushing the camper trailer back into the garage for the winter the other day, isn’t helping my mood any, nor does the cold and damp help the muscle pull. I had a slight cold last week I’m feeling the effects of, too. As a result of this combo, every sneeze is a new experience in pain. Saving money for Christmas gifts this year has us a little tighter financially than usual, so a road trip is more rare than I’d like… no chance to get away, fuel being so damned expensive…. and in any event, early winter is here, and driving is always a problem on the leading edge of winter, in Rochester, for reasons I’ll get to. So it is that my usual escape valve is closed, and the pressure builds… and then some idiot left this computer in my house. AHA! An outlet for frustration… I wonder if they understand the danger they’ve placed the world in, by doing that.

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