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John Leo has a Clue for the Democrats.

Over at US News, John Leo [1] posts an interesting, somewhat distorted echo of my own long form writeup [2], of yesterday:

“Doors were slamming in the Democratic Party. Almost all dissent from elite opinion on social issues grad-ually became positioned as a human-rights violation of some kind. (On the cable shows last Wednesday, backers of traditional marriage were denounced several times as gay-bashers.)”

He also offers some advise, which is also an echo of what I’ve been saying for a while, now… before the election, even…

Democrats might want to tone down the contempt for evangelicals in particular and religious people in general that increasingly flows through their secular-dominated party. This is a very religious nation. If the Democrats aspire to become the majority party, why do they tolerate so much antireligious behavior and expression? They also might have a word with out-of-control adjuncts of the party like People for the American Way, whose mission is apparently to hammer away at religious conservatives, and the American Civil Liberties Union, which is always ready to descend on every 6-year-old who writes a school essay on Jesus or who says, “God bless you” after a sneeze. Do they think religious voters fail to notice?

As I point out in ths week’s BIT, the Democrats have not had a true majority on the way to the WH in over 80 years. Leo seems to be among the few who actually understands WHY…. or at least, he’s willing to admit he understands why. Which, as I say in this week’s bit [2], is perhaps the real problem.