Improved Clinch ahs a great comment on the removal of the restriction on the office of POTUS, that says only natural born citizens of the US can be elected to the office.

Now apparently, former Secratary of State Albight has weighed in on the issue. John at the Clinch has the links.

And yy comment to all of this?

Well, wait. Let’s remove Albright’s comments for a moment, from the bitstream, and just go on the basis of what we knew last night.

We are up against an enemy who is willing to work in periods of DECADES to bring down the WTC. Does anyone thing they’d not be wiling to work longer to get one of their own into the WH?

Let’s add Albight’s comments back into the mix, now. By now, you begin to understand, perhaps, why I didn’t jump on the “Arnold For President” bandwagon.